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The Lacemaker
By: Laura Frantz
Publisher: Fleming H. Revell Company
Release Date: Janurary 2nd, 2018
Genres: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance
Pages: 416 pages
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Rating: ★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars)

When colonial Williamsburg explodes like a powder keg on the eve of the American Revolution, Lady Elisabeth "Liberty" Lawson is abandoned by her fiance and suspected of being a spy for the hated British. No one comes to her aid save the Patriot Noble Rynallt, a man with formidable enemies of his own. Liberty is left with a terrible choice. Will the Virginia belle turned lacemaker side with the radical revolutionaries, or stay true to her English roots? And at what cost?

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Warning: This book is going to hit you in the heart more times than you can count. Be prepared for giddiness, but also tears. I have warned you, so read at your own risk.

Her life was perfect, Elizabeth, soon to be Liberty, was the bride of Williamsburg. Her fiancé was a rich, powerful man by the name of Miles Roth, her father was the British lieutenant governor of the Virginia Colony. She was as pampered and waited on as any woman of her status was. It wasn't until the "Liberty" men were starting to take over Williamsburg, that her life began to fall apart. Her father and close family friends left her to fend for herself on the eve of her wedding. Her fiancé did not come to her help, but rather his dashing, patriotic cousin, Noble Rynallt. He took her in and treated her as a guest, even though she was a Tory.

At crossroads, she decided that she would leave Ty Mawr and become a lacemaker in Williamsburg. Elizabeth, now Liberty, went from the pampered, prize of Williamsburg to a servant at Raleigh's, a popular gathering place for "Liberty" men like George Washington and Patrick Henry. A few months later, people started to go around with a rumor that Liberty was a spy for her father. After being confronted by Noble about this, she decided that she would instead spy on her father for the "Liberty" men.

As expected, sparks were flying in-between Liberty and Noble. They soon developed a relationship and it was so bitter sweet. I am not going to say anything more on their relationship for now, I don't want to spoil anything for you!

Ugh, this book was so good!  There were so many great things in it, I just don't know where to start......

1. The story and plot line. When I first picked up this book, I did not expect to read what I ended up reading. This book had so many great plot twists that it keep me on my seat all 416 pages. It was a bit slow in some parts but for the most part it was a very well written book. Usually I am able to predict what is going to happen in books, but because this was so beautifully written, I just could not figure out what was happening next. If you are into adventure and crazy plot twists then this book is for you!

2. Romance. Noble and Liberty's relationship was so sweet! Their love for each other made me want to run around my house squealing! I loved how protective and caring Noble was for Libby, he even risked his life for her towards the end. If there was a book just about Noble and Liberty's love I would read it. Even though their relationship was just like any other Christian fiction romance, theirs’s seemed to be more special and dearer then others. Not saying that other Christian fiction couples don't have dear relationships theirs’s just has a special place in my heart.

3. Time period. I have read plenty of Revolutionary War themed books, but this one brought the war to a whole new light. Laura, told the story in both Noble's and Liberty's perspective, so we get the war in both a woman's and man's perspective. They both were very involved in the war. I really wish that this book was longer just so I could see how the rest of their lives played out.

4. Character Development. There was great character development in this book. This is one thing that this book was not lacking. I loved seeing Liberty go from a pampered high society woman, to a low servant in a matter of days. The best part was that she didn't even complain once about it.

5. Noble Rynallt. Noble was just a great male lead character. I could not have picked a better name for him. He was noble, dashing, caring, and loving to Liberty. Noble was always turning to God for guidance and praying. He would turn to God when he was in need and pain. He was always treating others as equals and not as trash. He was kind to everyone and helped the poor and needy. He was always willing to lend an extra hand to Liberty when she was in need of help. She could not have asked for a better man.

6. Liberty Lawson. Liberty is one of my favorite Christian fiction female leads. She was exactly the type of woman you would expect to find in colonial America. Even though, she grew up rich and pampered. She was not afraid to get her hands dirty. She was the type of woman that we need more of in this world. She did not complain about where God had placed her instead she embraced it and took it as well as she could. She prayed daily and was always turning to God in times of trouble and was trusting God through all her trials and tribulations.

7. This book was just so good overall. I highly recommend it, it was overall just a great historical fiction, romance read.

*I received this book from Revell Publishers in exchange for my honest review. All words are my own.*


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