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Hello again. It has been a while since I have reviewed anything on here. Today, I am really blessed to be part of another one of my friends blog tours. I will be providing you guys with a lovely author interveiw this time. I also will be featuring her upcoming giveaway for this book!! 


1. What inspired you to write The Lost Princess?

I was in a creative writing class and the teacher showed this writing prompt, it was a picture of a castle island on the sea, and I started writing a Rapunzel style story, with Celeste as the star, then it kind of morphid into what it is now. 

2. Who was one of your favorite characters to write? (If you can't pick that's fine :D)

Hmm... I had a lot of fun with Mason Wren. He's always teasing Cilla! Another character I had fun with was Cilla, who stars on her own in the third book, wich hasn't been released on Goodreads yet. 

3. What helps you with writers block?

I usually work on a different story, or just do something else, for the day, and I'll talk to my writer friends etc.

4. How many of your books are published?

A great, grand total of one! The Lost Princess is my debut novel.

5. What was your first book that you published?

Erm, The Lost Princess. I've written other novels, but this is the first one I've published.

6. What was one way that you came up with all your characters?

Well, the fairy tales! I knew that The Lost Princess was going to be based off of fairy tales, so I chose some tales and characters from the tales! 

7. Did you base any of your characters off real people who you know?

Yes. It wasn't always on purpose though. (in the second book, The Princess Ambassador, I wrote a character who is very heavily based off of one of my friends! That was fun.)

8. What's the most difficult thing to write the opposite gender?

 I'd have to say their actions and thoughts. I usually have at least on boy who plays a large part, and I've even started writing POVs for them. It's hard to decide what they would think if they looked at the same thing the main girl looked at.

9. Do you read your book reviews? 

Yes! Every single one! I check on the book every once and a while, look at all of the reviews and everything. I like to know what the readers think so I know what to fix up in the second and third books.

10. Can you write us one horror sentence? 

All of the books were burned. And all the printing presses.

11. What is one thing that you would give up to become a better writer? 

Hmm. Maybe Cross Country or Piano... but either one would be really hard to give up.

12. What is your favorite childhood book, if you have one?

Oh such a hard question! I'm going to have to say Ella Enchanted, even though it's more of a middle grade novel, because I read it when I was nine (ish) and it's always been in my favorite books list.

13. How long on average does it take you to write a book?

That depends on the book. I'd say three-five months.

14. Do you believe in writers block? 

Yes/no? I do believe that writers can get stuck and they need help getting UN-stuck, but writer's block is no excuse for not writing.

15. What is one of your most favorite books of all time that you have read? (If you can't pick that's fine! You can always give me a few if you have too!)

Well, I'm going to have to list a few. The Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer), Ella Enchanted (Gail Levine Carson), Chronicles of Narnia (C.S. Lewis), and The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy (Kellyn Roth). 


First Place wins a free paperback version of The Lost Princess

Second place wins an e-book copy of The Lost Princess

Thrid Place win an e-book of The Lost Princess 

Link to enter the giveaway:

If you have not already, enter this amazing giveaway and go find a copy of this book. I have already read it and loved it so much! Till next time guys! 

Abigail Harder 


  1. Hi Abigail! Thank you so much for joining my blog tour! I've really enjoyed having you and it's been a lot of fun. I loved writing the answers for the author interview- you had some good questions!

  2. You are completely welcome! Thank you! <3