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Hello again. It has been a while since I have done anything on here. Today, I am really blessed to be part of another one of my friends blog tours. I will be providing you guys with a lovely author interveiw. 

Author Interveiw:

1. What inspired you to write The Tales of Tarsurella?

I actually started writing The Coronation (Book 1) when I was a teen (I'm in my early twenties now), and I NEVER intended for it to be published. It was just a fun side project I had to work on in my free time! I've always been a huge fan of modern day royalty stories, but sadly there isn't much out there, aside from Princess Diaries, and I wasn't a fan of the books, thanks to some inappropriate stuff. I've always believed that if you don't see the book you would like to read on the shelf, you should write it, so I did! I had fun daydreaming and plotting up a world where 8 European siblings experienced the perks (and challenges) of living in an ancient palace which doubles as a popular tourist attraction. I had way too much fun designing the palace floor plan, and imaging what each room would look like! 

As life got busier, I set The Coronation aside, and focused on graduating High School. (Super important, haha!) The story ended mid-plot and I didn't return to it until several years later, during a humid afternoon in mid August. My cousins were visiting, and I found the file on my computer. I thought it would be fun to read it to them, and hear their feedback. They loved it! So that sparked the thought, "I wonder what would happen if I actually finished the story, and released it to our Crown of Beauty girls?" (Crown of Beauty is the magazine for Christian girls I ran at the time.) I did, and they loved it, and they wanted more, and now we're releasing the sequel, The Rebellion! Ahh!     

2. Who was one of your favorite characters to write? 

My favorite character in The Tales of Tarsurella is definitely one of the newer faces in The Rebellion. Jane Akerly is a fifteen-year-old, whimsical daydreamer, who dreams of adventure in far off places. But her drab, totally boring life in windy Ohio, couldn't be further from the kind of adventures she craves. Jane is one of my all-time-favorite characters, because she flows SO easily, and is such a joy to write! (Perhaps because she's super similar to me?) I adore Jane so much, that I planned an entire series about her, all before writing The Rebellion. So she was a very strongly developed character. I never really intended on having her be part of The Rebellion plot, but when the opportunity presented itself for Jane to be part of this story, I couldn't resist! So yes, I love Jane! <3 

3. What helps you with writers block?

Such a great question! I love talking about this. :D I actually just finished up a series on my blog called 4 Types of Writer's Block Villains: And How to Conquer Them, so if you're struggling with writer's block, go check it out!

But the first thing that comes to mind on this topic, is to spend time with Jesus. Every single day. He is my source of life and inspiration! Jesus said in John 7, "Whosoever believes in Me, rivers of living water will flow from within them." In order to keep my 'writer's well' flow, I have to abide in the Vine! I can do nothing apart from Him. 

4. How many books have you published?

The Rebellion is my seventh book. 

5. What was your first book that you published?

I mentioned earlier that I used to run a magazine for Christian girls called Crown of Beauty. The entire staff got together and created our first book, Beauty, Boys and Ball Gowns, the Best of Crown of Beauty Magazine! It discusses tons of topics that matter most to us as girls: boys, true beauty, and our relationship with God. It also has a ton of fun and inspirational interviews with people like Moriah Peters, for King and Country, and the Duggar Sisters.  

6. What was one way you came up with all your characters? 

Wow, another great question. This one is hard for me to answer, because...I don't. The characters are just, there. It's like, they showed up on my doorstep one day, I opened up, and let 'em in! I know there are lots of great methods for brainstorming characters. You can download character sheets and questionnaires, and keep character bibles on all their quirks and goals and dreams. But for whatever reason, I've never had to do that, and somehow I'm able to keep track of them all in my head. (God gets all the glory for that!)  

7. Did you base any of your characters off real people who you know?

No, not entirely. I think varying shades of inspiration are collected from different sources, and I can see how certain people in my life influenced different characters. Prince Addison reminds me a lot of my older brother, and readers have said that Prince Asher reminds them a lot of Edmund, from The Chronicles of Narnia. I never purposefully intended to make Asher like Edmund, but as readers have pointed that out, I can see how that influence subtly worked its way in there!    

8. What is the most difficult thing to write about with the opposite gender?

The biggest problem is probably the same challenge all female authors have: not making the guys too girly! Both Addison and Asher grew up surrounded by sisters and female influences, so I think it's quite believable that they're gentle, thoughtful, and somewhat romantic at heart. ;) But I know that wouldn't work for a lot of guys, because...well...guys have such vast personality differences, and I know they're not all the same, like personality of the males I write. So if I were to write a male who was rough-n-tough and had never been forced to watch at least ONE Disney musical with his sisters in his life...well, that might be a little bit harder, haha!

9. Do you read your book reveiws? 

I do read some of them. Hearing reader feedback is THE BEST, and if they're 4 or 5 star, it's a blast to see what the readers are most excited about. If it's a 3 star, I think it's smart to read those as well because it tells you, "Okay, they liked it, but they didn't love it. Why? What was it that 'missed the mark' for them?' then you can decide if it's worth addressing or not in your future works.
2 star or below, I don't read at all, because well....that's just depressing! Haha. Obviously if someone leaves such a low review for your book they are NOT your ideal reader. They don't fall into your niche, and if they're not into castles, glitter, adventure and clean romance, then that's totally okay. It is a little hurtful when readers feel they have to tear a book apart because of simple personal preferences about a topic or style, but humans will always be judgmental and critical, so you just have to let it go, and focus on those who are truly enjoying the stories! :)  

10. Can you write us one horror sentence? 

Jesus never died on the Cross. 

11. What is one thing you would give up to become a better writer? 

Hmm. Interesting question. I feel like I've already given up a lot in my efforts to become a better writer, so I'm not really sure what else I would give up! Haha. I'm FOR SURE NOT giving up food, my bed, my music, my imagination, my family, or my friends, sooooo I'm not sure what else there is to give, beside time, effort, energy, and persistence!   

12. What is your favorite childhood book, if you have on? 

OH, yes! I loved so many books as a kid. Can I do my top 5? CinderellaAmelia BedeliaRamona and BeezusKit Saves the Day, and Meet Felicity

13. How long on average does it take you to write a book? 

It took me several years to write The Coronation, simply because I stopped and started so many times haha. But I wrote The Rebellion in just over a month. My other projects seem to average anywhere from three to six months, depending on how focused I am, and how many other projects I have going at that time.

14. Do you believe in writers block?

I believe there are a lot of things that can TRY to block us, but I also believe in the power of sitting down at the computer and forcing out words, even if they're terrible. So yes, I believe writer's block happens, but I also believe you can always overcome it. 

15. What is one of your most favorite books of all time that you have read? 

The Bible! <3

About the Author

Livy Jarmusch is a twenty-something author, singer, and songwriter. She enjoys crafting YA fiction that is pure, lovely, inspirational, and of course, entertaining! When she's not writing, you can usually find her playing guitar, blogging, drinking peppermint tea, connecting with new friends, planning her next trip to Disney, or pinning images of Europe and Golden Retriever Puppies.

You can follow her on her social media too! 

Olivia Jarmusch is a dear friend of mine who I meet on Goodreads. I have read two of her seven books and I have to tell you that they were some of the best books I have ever read. I personally received the opprunity to ARC read this amazing book and I can tell you now that is was just as good as The Coronation. If you have not already, I encouarge you to pick up a copy of Olivia's books and read them. You will not be disapointed! 


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