Harder Family

Harder Family

Sunday, December 31, 2023

Update 12/31/23: Year End

2 Corinthians 5:7 "For we walk by faith, not by sight." From a devotion today: "The Lord calls us to walk by faith and surrender our doubts and fears to Him. He wants us to believe His promises, even when circumstances seem bleak; trusting in Him lets us see beyond the visible to the eternal. Then we will find strength, peace, and the presence of our loving God guiding us every step of the way."

As 2023 comes to a close, I am choosing to dwell on all the amazing things God has done in our lives this year instead of focusing on the hard things that have happened. It is crazy to think about all that has changed and transpired in the last 12 months. From Wayne's cancer returning and us living in Chicago to my cancer diagnosis and treatment, God has been faithful and good to us. We have watched our children's faith grow and have seen God provide in so many different ways through different people and organizations. Although 2023 has had many challenging moments, we are confident that God is using all of this for our good and His glory. Our prayer for 2024 is that God would continue to work in and through our lives.

Making Memories:

We had a wonderful visit with the Kreider Family. We spent a lot of time with them in 2023. They may not be related by blood, but they are our family.

The Kreider kids requested to visit Robin's Place for dinner. Look at the pile of plates. They took full advantage of the buffet.

Lots of Mario was enjoyed by the kids.

Sue and I completed 3 puzzles in 3 days.

We enjoyed playing Micaela's new game "National Park Trivia Board Game"

Jason was a huge blessing. He helped Wayne get his coat on and then managed to help clean and organize our garage.

Micaela got her wart re-frozen. Thankfully, the doctor believes this will take care of the wart.

We were able to enjoy an evening solving a Nancy Drew mystery. We all dressed up like some of the characters.

We have played a lot of Just Dance over Christmas break.

The girls enjoyed using their Christmas gift cards to go to Starbucks. Why are they growing up so fast?

Joella and her bestie created art together. I purchased a couple art tutorials for us to do over break. 

Wayne's chair ends up being an extra seat. Grace said it is very comfortable.

Fun with the kids. Be Real gives me a huge source of fun photos.

Our other "daughter" is visiting for the week.

Joella and Grace created some more art. I love watching them be creative.

You know you are loved when your friend from Chicago sends your favorite ice cream with her daughter. She asked me if I wanted anything from Chicago. I joked that I wish there was a way to get Plush Horse ice cream...and she delivered! One last hurrah before I return back to my healthy eating plan now that I'm recovering from chemo.

Tonight, our friends the Patersons, stopped by for dinner on their way back to Chicago. We had a wonderful time with them. The kids found a shared love - Just Dance. 

*****As we enter 2024, I am working on a special project for the kids (and Wayne). I am collecting special messages from those who have known Wayne over the years. Since Wayne is on palliative care and is struggling to communicate, I am putting together a memory book for the kids filled with stories, pictures, and memories that people may have that they can read through in the future. I have been sharing them with Wayne as they come in and it has been a highlight of his day. If you have a special memory, story, or anything that you'd like to share with the kids or Wayne, please contact me (email: rebeccaharder35 at gmail)******

Prayer Requests:

- Wayne: Please continue to pray for Wayne's foot to heal and guidance for his doctors as we meet with them this week.

- Rebecca: Please pray for my body as I recover from chemo. This round has been extra rough and my body has been achy all week. I meet with the radiologist this week to create my treatment plan. I also have a CT scan this week. Please pray for these appointments and that I will not need any more chemo.

- Please also pray for another friend facing some hard obstacles with their loved one's brain cancer and is in the hospital.