Harder Family

Harder Family

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Counting Down

Psalm 90:12 "So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom."

We are counting down the days on Wayne's treatment. Our paper chains are disappearing quickly. Wayne finished week four of radiation yesterday and will finish week four of chemo tomorrow. He only has two weeks left! It feels like yesterday that we began this process. We are looking forward to this part of the journey being completed. We still are telling ourselves one day at a time. I met with some friends for lunch this week and we were talking about that very concept, numbering our days and taking a day at a time. One of them said that we are all to live like that. I told her that I agree, but it is hard to do under normal circumstances. We all like to plan ahead (vacation, school, career, etc). When you are put in a situation like we are currently faced with, you have no other choice then to take one day at a time. There are so many things to do every day that you can't even think about next week. That is one thing that has been a blessing to me during all of this. I am being forced to stop running ahead and coming up with my next plan or goal and I'm just enjoying each day that I'm given.

This week was a week of change for us. It is a long story, but we have decided to switch oncologists. I wasn't super thrilled when I first met our oncologist and my instincts were correct. We need someone that is an advocate for Wayne and is involved in our case. We found out on Wednesday that our oncologist's office didn't even realize Wayne had started radiaiton, despite emails from me and receiving weekly blood work from our radiologist's office, and we are a month into this process. That is not a doctor who is involved in our case or helping us out at all. I'm super excited to see how God opens doors. I called our radiologist and spoke with his nurse, who is wonderful. She spoke with the doctor and they gave us a recommendation for an oncologist at Christ Hospital, which will make communication between our oncologist and radiologist easier. The oncologist they recommended to us did his residency at Rush and a fellowship at MD Anderson. Those are two amazing hospitals for cancer. I'm looking forward to meeting the new doctor this next week and establishing a great relationship with his team.

May is brain cancer awareness month! If you want to show support, wear something gray. You can also donate money to great organizations like the American Brain Tumor Association or National Brain Tumor Society. The more awareness we bring to this cancer, the better. Too many people, like us, had never heard of this cancer before it struck our family.

I'll keep everyone posted as we learn more. Meanwhile, one day at a time!!


  1. Good for you for switching doctors. There are some amazing ones and then some not so great ones. Hard to understand him not knowing Wayne was in radiation! Definitely praying for a good doctor who listens and is an advocate. Thanks for the update.