Harder Family

Harder Family

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

God's Faithfulness & MRI Results

Hebrews 10:23 "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful."

I shared the other day that I was battling fear and trusting God 100% (fully surrendering). Sometimes even though you have "head knowledge" of something, it doesn't mean that it always reaches your heart. I KNOW that God is good, He is sovereign, He is faithful, He is true, and His was are higher then mine. I KNOW that regardless of the MRI results, that God had us exactly where He wants us. That being said, I was still struggling not allowing the fears and doubts to creep in. On Monday morning as we sat waiting in the doctor's office, I had to just keep praying and asking God to give me His peace. I asked Him to help me with my unbelief and just to give me the faith of a mustard seed. As I sat there and cried out to Him, I felt His peace come over me and I knew that regardless of what the doctor said, God would be with us.

Thankfully, the doctor came and told us that the MRI results were clear and that Wayne's scan looked great! I wanted to just jump up and down, but I'm sure our doctor would have looked at me weird. Dr. Raizer asked us what else was going on in our lives and Wayne told him that we are in the process of adopting two boys from China. He asked us, "Don't you already have six kids?" "Yes, we do," was our reply, "but we feel called to adopt these two boys and add them to our family as well." We discussed Wayne traveling to China and any precautions we need to take with his medicine. Dr. Raizer was very supportive. Depending on when we get our travel approval (TA), which feels so far away, Wayne should be able to squeeze one more MRI in before our trip. 

When we got back to the car, Wayne looked at me and told me, "See, I told you God had this! He wouldn't bring us this far in the process to leave us now." I love having a husband who loves God first and foremost. I love the way he lovingly and gently always points me back to God when things are hard. I couldn't ask for a better best friend and partner in life!!

Adoption update: We are still waiting for our i-797 approval to come in the mail (we've had many hiccups with this process and if we make it to China in December, it is only going to be because God moves mountains). On Monday, I dropped 5 last pieces of our dossier off at the Chinese consulate to be authenticated. Once we get our i-797, we have to get that authenticated and then we can FINALLY get our dossier to China (DTC). Once we are DTC, we wait for it to be translated into Chinese. Then we wait for our letter of acceptance (LOA). That will be a HUGE step because then, from my understanding, we can write the boys and let them know that we are coming for them.

Please keep praying for our family through all of this. We just keep laying our lives out for God to use, how ever He sees fit. Although it is super hard at times to have faith, obeying and stepping off that ledge is so worth it!!


On Friday, we took a field trip to an event called "River Through History". The girls had fun, although they weren't all that impressed with some of the exhibits. I guess I have spoiled them with too many field trips over the years. They've actually seen Blacksmiths creating things, so they didn't want to hear them just talk about what a blacksmith does. Thankfully, we got to the event early before too many schools arrived. After the event, Naomi & Sophia had a homeschool science class. They were learning about matter, displacement, and other fun scientific terms. For their big project, they made a lava lantern.

They didn't mind stopping and trying homemade ice cream and root beer!

Since we were out of town for Joella's birthday, she never got her date with Wayne. On Sunday before church, Wayne took our 4 year old on her birthday date. She was so excited and was smiling from ear to ear. She kept talking about it all day. I love how Wayne takes time to make each girl feel so special, beautiful, and loved!!

Slow down time...my heart can't take how fast they are growing up!!

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