Harder Family

Harder Family

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Update on Joella

Here is a quick update on Joella. I took her to the ER last night after she experienced another odd episode of vomiting, intense pressure in her head, confusion, and memory lapse. This is the sixth episode since June. We originally thought she was having heat exposure and was dehydrated. Yesterday’s event didn’t follow the pattern and considering Wayne’s brain cancer, we wanted to make sure nothing serious was going on.

After a long night in the ER, they finally moved us to a real room at 5am this morning, a mere hour after Joella decided she had stayed up late enough to prove to her siblings she could stay up all night. That means mom got under two hours of total sleep!

Around 10, they took her down for an MRI. Thankfully, that came back normal! God is good!! I know I can trust God with my children, but my poor mind had to come be checked numerous times to not think about it being a brain tumor. Joella is so easy to please. All she asked after her MRI, where she was sedated so she couldn’t eat or drink all morning, was for a blue Powerade and jello! 

After we returned to the room, Joella had some special visitors from the UK football team. They gave her a signed football and spent some time talking to her about her siblings. They told her if they pick on her too much, they will come and set them straight! 

Joella had an EEG around 2pm. We just got the results. They found spikes in her frontal lobe activity on both sides. They have diagnosed her with general epilepsy. She will be on anti-seizure medicine, the same one as Wayne. We will have to follow up with the epilepsy team here at UK.

Thank you for all of your prayers for our family during this time! 

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