Harder Family

Harder Family

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Savoring Summer

Psalm 119:93 "I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have given me life."

Is it just me, or did March/April feel like the slowest months ever during the quarantine, and now time feels like it is flying? We are trying to make the most of the last days of summer before we start school. We are days away from three kids starting school at a local private school. Micaela and Joella start school on the 17th, Abigail and Grace start at Liberty Online August 24th, and DJ starts school August 31st.

So what have we been doing this summer? We have been busy making memories! 

We attended a wedding in Chicago after Wayne's last MRI. We were able to take two of the girls best friends home with us for a week. They spent hours taking pictures, being crazy teenage girls, and we went to the Ark and the Creation Museum.

We then went to Florida with my sister and her family. We relaxed by the pool all day! It was glorious and relaxing. We weren't planning on going to Disney World to use our tickets we purchased in January, but after seeing empty parking lots, we decided to put up with facemasks for the day. We are so glad we decided to go! The park was open from 9-7 and by 5, we had gone on every ride in the park multiple times. We walked on to almost every ride. The "longest" wait was 20 minutes for Splash Mountain and that was our second time because they were cleaning the ride. The kids all had an amazing time and we had fun making memories with them. They will always remember this time in their lives since all of our pictures include masks!

We also took the kids to look for alligators. We visited a place where we were able to feed the alligators hot dogs and then we ate some alligator! The kids had a blast!

Once we returned home, we continued with our once a week VBS at church. 

The last fun thing we did on this last week of freedom was spend time with our friends from Chicago. We played games, visited the park, made homemade pretzels, played mini-golf, and went to the Ark. 

We are going to relish every last minute of summer we can in the next few days. I am busy getting kids ready for school and making last minute school lessons for Micaela and Joella. I'm super excited about our upcoming year! We are studying one of my favorite cycles...traveling the world learning about different countries, their biomes, and missionaries that traveled their to share the love of Jesus. I just hope my excitement passes on to the girls!

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