Harder Family

Harder Family

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A New School Year, a New Perspective

We have officially entered another year of school. There are days that I question why I am attempting to teach 4 different grade levels while raising two little ones. I feel like the woman above. My house is always a mess and I feel pulled in a million directions. I discovered that there is a local Christian School that offers Classical education. On difficult days I wonder why I didn't think about that option and think that maybe, just maybe, I should have looked into that option. Then I have one of those days that reminds me why we have made this choice. There is nothing better then being able to spend all day with your children as they learn new concepts and when they just want to give you hugs all day. We get to enjoy discovering new ideas together and reading stories that take us to places near and far.

Some days things go well, like today. We had a wonderful morning together learning about the Middle East, Egyptians and mummification. Tomorrow we are going to make our own mummy and mummify apples. Today we also did a basic science experiment. We took a cup of cold water and a cup of hot water and put a drop of food coloring in each cup. It was fun to see how the food coloring responded differently in each cup. Now we are enjoying an afternoon celebration of Grace's 8th birthday. We made cookies and we are watching the Lorax. Although there are definitely hard days, I would never trade the privilege of getting to see my children grow and learn first hand. I'll take a messy house and lack of "me" time to have all of these experiences with my children. Before I know it they will be leaving the house. I'll have plenty of time then to have my "perfect" house and "me" time. I know when that happens that I'll wish for my "perfect" house to be the way it was now, messy with lots of kids and love.

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