Harder Family

Harder Family

Saturday, April 8, 2017

One Month with Shan Chen

Psalm 134:2 "Lift up your hands to the sanctuary and bless the LORD."

I cannot believe that Shan Chen has been with us a month now. He has been with us longer then he was here this summer. One month ago today, we waited in the orphanage lobby for Shan Chen. From the first moment I saw him, he had a huge smile on his face. Except a few times, that smile hasn't left his face this month. Shan Chen is a joy to have back in our house and the girls are smitten, especially Micaela. Shan Chen is her little buddy. Both boys are still trying to understand that adoption is forever. When I told Shan Chen this week that he never has to go back to the orphanage, a huge smile broke out across his face and he gave me a huge hug. He said, "Oh, thank you Mama!!" That right there makes me want to go back to China and bring home even more waiting children, who just want a family to call their own. It breaks my heart to see all these waiting children, just longing for a family. 

Shan Chen is full of life. He loves to joke and be goofy. If he gets attention from the girls for doing something, he will keep doing it. He also loves being affectionate and gives everyone lots of hugs and kisses! Shan Chen is also very bright. He has picked up a ton of English, because he had classes in it since he was 5. He sometimes understands what I am saying and will translate it to DJ, which is very nice. I also discovered yesterday in Chinese class that he knows more English then he let on. I was asking my tutor a few words and he answered how to say the in Chinese, which means he understood what I asked. It is fun to have such an energetic boy in the house that is full of life. We are so blessed to be his parents. 

Shan Chen's finding place in Chengdu. This spot makes my heart hurt. I cannot see it and not think of the pain and anguish that his birth mom experienced leaving her son there to get the medical help he needed. We will always tell him about his loving birth parents who chose his well being and gave him a chance at surviving. Adoption is such a beautiful, but painful process!

Landing in Chicago - new US citizens!

Shan Chen loves to give hugs!

Micaela is thrilled to have Shan Chen home. She cried every day the first two weeks he went home this summer.

Class clown - or in our class, the family clown. He loves to be goofy.

Getting ready for his MRI and he was still all smiles. These left when he had to get an IV, and it took two tries. My poor baby!

Big families take advantage of deals. Portillo's had a $.54 piece of chocolate cake the other day to celebrate their anniversary. I cannot swing $27 for dessert, but I sure can swing $4.50!! The kids all had a blast!

Today I got creative in how to squeeze some exercise into my busy morning. The girls had soccer (Naomi, Sophia and Micaela) at Trinity College. So, I decided that we would walk to soccer (about 2.25 miles). The kids decided to ride their scooters, which meant that mom couldn't just walk, I had to run/jog the whole distance. Thankfully we had a soccer game in-between the trip there and the trip back. Nice way to squeeze in 4.5 miles and wear my kids out on a beautiful day. 

They dressed themselves in their matching shirts!

The boys love to play games together. Today they were playing our Chinese chess set.

This is what it sounded like in the car on Wednesday on our way to church. The kids were all pumped up and were singing and dancing to a song. Abigail decided to capture the moment on my cell phone. I did ask Micaela to not scream. I don't mind loud, but screaming is a big no.

Thank you for your continued prayers as we adjust to being a family of 10!

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