Harder Family

Harder Family

Thursday, March 8, 2018

One Year: Shan Chen's Forever Family Day & Brain Cancer Prayer

One year ago today, Shan Chen walked up his orphanage hallway one last time an orphan. I'll never forget his smile as he walked in the room and saw me. I'll also never forget the face of his beloved foster mom. The mixed emotions on her face will forever be in my mind. She tried to be happy for Shan Chen, but it was also painful. This woman loved on and cared for Shan Chen for years. I remember walking into their apartment, where Shan Chen joyfully showed me his home. There was no mistaking Shan Chen's joy to finally have a family of his own, after seeing countless children leave his foster home with their forever families. I'll never forget hugging the woman who cared for my son as she sobbed in my arms. We still talk to his foster family when we can.

What a year it has been with Shan Chen! Shan Chen was able to get his new prosthetic leg, which allowed him to play his first soccer game last Saturday and score two goals!! He has also grown a ton. He went from a size 7/8 to a 10/12: he grew 3" and gained 17 pounds!! 

The last year has been filled with many exciting new adventures, but there have also been hard days...days dealing with the agony and pain of trauma. When the boys first came home, DJ wanted to go back to China and everything he knew. We told him that Lord willing, we would love to take a trip back to China and let him visit his foster family and friends. This brought him comfort, but Shan Chen cried thinking that we would bring him back to China and leave him there. This broke my heart! Shan Chen was ready to move on from China and embrace America. Overall, Shan Chen has done phenomenal and his English is amazing! Most people who meet Shan Chen cannot believe that he has only been home one year. His joy for life brings smiles to our face every day. He is also all boy. He loves shooting his toys, playing outside, and being active. We are so thankful that God brought these boys into our lives and forever changed us for the better!

3-8-17 (last year)

3-8-18 (today): what a difference a year makes!


This day three years ago was the day before Wayne's brain surgery. Friends held a prayer time in front of our house. It was so touching to see all of our friends gathered around us to lift us up before our heavenly Father! I will forever remember this time. I know that God used this time of prayer to bring us peace before a huge, life changing day! Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us the last three years.

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