Harder Family

Harder Family

Saturday, April 14, 2012

One of THOSE days...

Have you ever had a day that you just want to crawl back in bed and wish that it would start over? Or a day that gets so crazy that you just have to laugh at what a ridiculous day it is? That probably sums up my day today. Where do you start with a day like this? Well, we'll start at the beginning...

First let me give you some background to understand my state of mind. My husband is a tax accountant and this is the fun time of year when they have to work six days a week and about 10-12 hours a day. Today I finally feel like the stress of the past few months, the husband's surgery, his tax busy season, being 7 months pregnant, and homeschooling finally, caught up with me. I was feeling slightly warn down and not very energetic. It was gloomy outside today, although warm. I had to wear glasses all day because I scratched my eye last night, which always makes me feel off because I'm used to wearing contacts. Okay, now that you have a little background, we'll start with the day.

The day started out normal. The kids got up on Saturday and were watching some cartoons on tv. My husband was getting ready to leave for another long day at work. He left and I started to clean up a little since the kids were preoccupied with the tv show they were watching. I finally decided that I should get them breakfast when the phone rang. My husband had driven all the way to work (downtown Chicago) and realized that he left his laptop at home. So, I ran around trying to get the kids ready to meet him with his laptop. Most of the time they are really good about getting dressed all by themselves. Today was a different story. S4 decided that she didn't want to get dressed and was upstairs sulking on her bed because she didn't want to get out of her pjs and didn't want to find socks. So, I sent up A8 to help her out as I was getting the baby ready. Then N6 couldn't find her shoes and G7 decided to walk outside to the car carrying her shoes instead of putting them on. I am already frazzles at this point trying to "rush" out the door to help my husband out by getting him his computer. Remember, he has to work 10 hours today so every minute he is not at the office, is a minute he is not at home tonight. It takes us so long to get ready that we only save him about 10 minutes (5 minutes each way). That's right. He was able to drive almost 25 minutes home by the time I got the kids out the door.

So, we rush home and finish breakfast and the day seems to be going along fine. It gets chaotic like most days with 5 girls running around. Then the neighbor kids start coming around. Now, I love all of our neighbor kids, but some days it just is stressful to have all the extra kids around. I told everyone that they needed to play outside. So, all the kids went outside to play. When I looked around the house, I realized that it looked like a tornado had hit the house. There were blankets on the couch from Saturday morning cartoons, playdoh on the table with all the cookie cutters from N6 and M4 playing together, empty cereal bowls, cereal on the floor, etc. The baby was preoccupied walking around the house exploring. So, I set off to clean up the mess and make my home look presentable. Meanwhile, I was also running up and down the stairs starting loads of laundry because somehow in 2 days, our family is able to create about 6 loads of laundry (which I'm staring at now that needs to be folded).

The day is going along fine and I even take about an hour while the baby is sleeping to read part of a book on my ipad. I don't know if your house is like this, but my house tends to have a revolving door of kids coming in and out. The girls were changing from their regular clothes into swimsuits, back into regular clothes. It was starting to get chaotic and I was feeling a little stressed. I decided to call my mom and just talk about feeling stressed and overwhelmed. As we were talking, the M16months was walking around the room and playing with the blocks I brought out for her. I was telling my mom how excited we were that she was walking finally. We talked about how she will soon be adding to the "liveliness" of our home. M16months asked me for milk and I poured her a sippy cup with milk as I was still talking to my mom. Side-note: Aren't moms great? I love being able to just call and just talk through things with her. Anyway, I heard M16 crawl away from the kitchen with her milk into her room. About 3 minutes passed and I went to go check on her since she was being so quiet. I thought maybe she had fallen asleep, or was getting into something.

Well, she wasn't sleeping. She had managed to pull crackers from her closet (which we use as a pantry). She somehow opened a brand new box of crackers, ripped open the plastic packaging and had about 6 crackers in her hand that she was nibbling on. There were smashed crackers all around her. I told my mom I had to go and I went about cleaning up the mess.

At this time, I also called the girls in to eat dinner. S4 told me that she couldn't eat yet because of her toe. About 5 days ago she was playing outside without her shoes on and she messed up her toe. Well, she decided that since her toe "hurt", that she wasn't going to wear shoes today and she re-injured her toe. It was bleeding everywhere and I found a trail of blood through my house and all over the bathroom. I had just finished cleaning up her toe when all of a sudden she told me that she wasn't feeling so well. She just missed throwing up on me, since I was at her feet working on her toe. I went to get a towel to start to clean it up and she did it again. Now she is crying because she wants milk, but I'm not going to give her anything at this point not knowing what made her throw up.

I go into the basement to get the mop bucket to mop the bathroom floors. While I'm down there, I switch out the clothes because why waste energy making another trip downstairs when I'm down here and can switch out the laundry?? I go upstairs and clean up after her. I then have to calm her down and remind her that if she is fine overnight, that she'll get milk in the morning.

By this time, the other girls have finished their dinner and are "getting ready for bed" (aka are supposed to be getting ready for bed but have managed to get distracted doing other things). I clean up the dishes on the table and sweep the floor. They are now done brushing their teeth and are heading up to bed. Now it is time to get M16months out of her highchair and clean her up and dress her for bed. She has left me a present in her diaper and I'm trying to keep her still as I'm changing her on the couch. She wiggles just a little too much and the diaper starts to fall. I'm able to grab the diaper, but the extra little present in the diaper rolls onto the floor. After cleaning yet another mess up, I finally manage to finish changing her and get her into bed.

The messes are for the most part cleaned up, laundry still needs to be folded, I still need to eat dinner...yet, I decided to sit and write down this post because I know that soon I will forget this day. I want to remember all the chaotic days like today, along with the really good/normal days. I know that they grow up fast and that although the individual day feels like a year, the days and months pass all too quick and they are growing up. Soon they will all be gone and my house will be clean, but it will also be quiet and there will be no more chaos. I wouldn't trade days like today for a life without kids, but these type of days are definitely a challenge. I just thank God for the ability to laugh about my day when it is all over and celebrate the life that we have in our house. Children are a blessing from the Lord!! Days like this just reminds me that I have to keep my eyes focused on Him. Without God's help, I don't know how I would survive days like this.
Last of all, here is a clip that makes me laugh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCbPqi3virQ

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  1. Becca, you are an amazing mommy. What a day. I only have two kids, so even though it is crazy somedays, nothing compared to your day. I love that you wrote it all down. I agree that I would rather have all the craziness of being a mommy with young kids, than to have an empty clean house. Thank-you for writing about your awesome day. Get lots of sleep and hopefully no one else throws up. :o)