Harder Family

Harder Family

Friday, April 6, 2012

Starting Our Family Blog...Again

I have been wanting to blog again for some time. It seems like just posting everything on Facebook is so much faster and easier. I saw on Kelly's Korner that she was doing a Show Us Your Life on all girls. Well I figured now was as good of a time as any to get back in the saddle. I want to capture some fun moments though of our girls. They grow up too fast and I need to write down things that they are doing and saying.

Let me introduce you to our family. My husband and I have been married for 13 years. We have 5 daughters (A8, G7, N6, S4, M17 months) and another daughter on the way. Yes, that makes half a dozen girls in our family!! I love having girls. I have to admit that as much as I would have liked a boy, the thought of having one scares and intimidates me. :) I guess God knew better and gave me all girls. We have lots of pink in our house! You are welcome to follow our adventure as we continue down this road of raising 6 future women. My prayer is that they grow up to first of all love the Lord with all their heart. My next goal is to raise women who know how to manage a household and raise kids (even though God may not call all of them to marriage). We hope to have lots of grandchildren. We figure if each one has 3 kids, we are up to 18 grandchildren. :)

Welcome to our fun, but crazy adventure!!

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  1. What a sweet family!! I'm one of three girls and have two of my own....I love being a girl mom!!