Harder Family

Harder Family

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 was an exciting time in our house. We spent some fun and relaxing time celebrating Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. On Good Friday, the girls had a fun, but busy day. The girls had two friends over for the morning. We spent time reading the Easter story, making a Resurrection craft, a baby chick craft with our hand prints, dying eggs, and then we made homemade cookies. The kids helped me roll our the dough and then decorate the shapes they cut out. It was a fun morning just spending time together in the kitchen. Although we were learning, we didn't have to do "real" school work on Friday. The funny moment of the day was when S4 asked me to do her hair because her friend Caleb was coming over. She was very specific about how she wanted her hair done. She didn't want it all up in a ponytail, she wanted at least part of it down since that is how her friend likes her pretty hair.

On Sunday morning, we all got dressed up for church. Who can pass up an excuse to dress up 5 little girls in Easter dresses? After church, we came home and hunted for eggs. Then we took a 6 mile family bike ride. I was very thankful for the break half-way when we stopped to play at a park for about 40 minutes! When we got home, we made NY steak, vegetables and twice baked potatoes. It was a very relaxing day spent as a family. I love days that we can just enjoy each others company.

M16months and her dad. Her first Easter egg hunt.

S4 was having fun looking for eggs!

N6 enjoying the beautiful day in Chicago!

A8 (left) and G7 (right): having fun looking for Easter eggs.

M16moths exploring all the "goodies" in her Easter Eggs. She figured out really quickly how to open them and how to eat jelly beans.

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