Harder Family

Harder Family

Friday, June 12, 2015

Please Send me Pictures!!

Attention!! I am in the final stages of getting Wayne's book done with all of his supporters in beanies (or just a picture of you as you are - the beanie is a bonus). I'd love to add more people to the book. If you could take just a minute and take a selfie/picture of your family (I know we are all good at those) and email it to me (rebeccaharder35@gmail.com), I would greatly appreciate it. I'd love to show Wayne how many people were supporting him during his fight against cancer. I'm going to keep this post up through the weekend so that Wayne doesn't see this. I'm hoping to get this finalized by the end of the weekend. Thank you to everyone who has sent us pictures already. 

*Update: I'm going to wait until Wednesday for any late arrival pictures. If you don't have a beanie, I'll take any picture. :) I just want to display how many people were supporting us.

*Update#2: if your church or Sunday School class, etc has been praying for us can you 1)send me the name and 2)take a picture of your group and email it to me? rebeccaharder35@gmail.com‪
#‎prayingforWayne‬ ‪#‎givingGodtheglory‬

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