Harder Family

Harder Family

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Update 7/12/23: Just Breathe

Psalm 150:6 “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”

Today has been a stressful, chaotic day. I have had to stop many times to pray and take a deep, long, cleansing breath. Have you ever felt like you were being hit by one wave after another? Like it’s hard to catch your breath? Today was one of those days. I asked God at one point, how much more? I keep giving it to Him and I know He can carry it all, but today I started to feel a little like Job with all the hits.

The day started out amazing because we were able to spend time with our friends who we’ve known since college in California. After we said our goodbyes to them, we started packing for our trip to Chicago. Joella kept complaining about her ear hurting, so I asked Abigail to take her to the urgent care clinic in town in case she needed medicine. We didn’t need a kid traveling with a sore ear. While Abigail took Joella, I visited the doctor for some issues I’ve been having for a few months. I was told that I need to come back in a few weeks for a biopsy, which they said is normal procedure. They also informed me that I will probably need surgery in the upcoming months to address fibroids and polyps. Not exactly the news I was hoping to hear, especially right before a stressful trip to Chicago. Because if I’m real, the stress and fear is there as an undercurrent all the time. They don’t call the days leading up to the MRI iscanxiety for nothing.

Unfortunately, the day got even “better”. On my way home from an extra long appointment, which already had me stressed when I looked at the time and considered the long drive up to Chicago, I received a message from a guest checking in to our Airbnb in Richmond, that the code wasn’t working on the door. I swung by the house and picked up Wayne so he could help me in case the lockbox was broke. Even though it was an extra 1.5 hours out of my already packed day, thankfully, I just forgot that I changed the code twice and remembered the wrong code. Stress is real people!

On the way home, Wayne and I decided to leave for Chicago Thursday morning instead of driving late into the night when I was already tired and stressed. It was a great decision! When we arrived home, Micaela told me that her ear was hurting too. Wayne and I decided to tackle different things we needed to finish. I dropped them off at the clinic again and I ran the errands. Sadly, Micaela also had an ear infection. It is time to buy ear plugs for them when they go swimming! Needless to say, I’m going to sleep well tonight. 

On top of today, we have been messaging and sending pictures to Wayne’s doctors in Chicago the past few days regarding a fluid lump/build up on Wayne’s head. I noticed it Saturday morning and Wayne dismissed it saying it was just his muscles. By Sunday, it was more pronounced and he saw it. One more thing on top of all the hard we’ve already been going through on a daily basis.

On a positive note, Wayne has had a few more “strong” days. We still have the rollercoaster effect going on, but it’s nice to see a few things showing in a more positive light.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Wayne also woke up with a deer tick embedded in his ankle Sunday morning. We believe the cat must have dragged it in from the creek. He laid at Wayne’s feet that night, so that is our guess. Just one more thing to discuss with the doctors this week.

Tomorrow morning we will drive to Chicago and Wayne will spend Friday morning visiting numerous doctors. This is an important appointment because the MRI will determine if Wayne will receive chemo. It’s all dependent upon the tumor growth. Please pray with us that God’s will be done and that we are prepared for whatever comes our way.

Wayne’s lump

I had to find a creative way to show the doctor how big the lump was on Wayne’s head.

On Saturday, the day before Grace left for Life Action in Michigan, we celebrated the summer birthdays.

Abigail (June), Wayne (July), and Grace (August)

Goodbyes are hard! Everyone was sad to see Grace leave. Our amazing friend, Miriam, drove Grace to Life Action for us.

Before she left, Grace helped with church decorations. I was floored by the bus and taxi she painted!!

This weekend, Shan and Wayne finished their project in the living room.

My two AWANA Timothy award winners (years a part)

My friend Sarah, who is traveling the country in an RB, stopped by with her family for a visit. We had a great time with them. They brought us a special gift too!

They know how much we love visiting National Parks and made us this board that you place trees for the places you’ve been.🩷

I love how Bo posed with us!

Sophia is still at Hawk Mountain Field Medic training. Today they headed to the mountain for field training. She’s in her element now because this is the stuff she loves! 

Beat that wall!!

Thank you for continuing to pray for us through all of these difficult situations. I know many days, like today, it is holding us and sustaining us. 

Prayer Requests:
- For Wayne’s MRI on Friday and wisdom for the doctors to know what to do. 
- Safety for our trip to and from Chicago.
- Safety for Sophia on the mountain and when she travels home in a few days.
- Grace as she serves Jesus in Michigan.
- Micaela and Joella’s ears to heal quickly.

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