Harder Family

Harder Family

Friday, September 22, 2023

Update 9/22/23: Pathology Update

 Philippines 1:20 TPT “No matter what, I will continue to hope and passionately cling to Christ, so that He will be openly revealed through me before everyone’s eyes. So I will not be ashamed! In my life or in my death, Christ will be magnified in me.”

This morning, my doctor called me with the pathology from my surgery. There was some very positive news and then some not great news. We are choosing to focus on the positive news from today! Hopefully I have remembered all the details correctly.


* My lymph nodes tested negative for cancer!! 

* The cancer in my uterus didn’t penetrate the walls, which means the other spot probably isn’t metastatic.

* The other areas she got samples came back normal or just endometriosis. I find it interesting that I had endometriosis when no doctor ever told me that and I was actually told issues I had were just normal. I guess they were wrong…


* I don’t know if this is positive or negative, so I’ll put it here. The other tumor in my pelvis appears to be the exact same type of cancer as in my uterus, but happened on its own in a separate place. So, I’m a rare case where two tumors appeared around the same time, the same type, but in two different places.

* They found something genetic with my tumor. She didn’t know much beyond the fact that I need to meet with a genetic doctor and figure out what this means.


* The cancer cells they found were a mixture of endometrial carcinoma (common) and clear cell (uncommon and more aggressive). They always treat the higher grade cells, so that means that I will need chemo and radiation.

* I have to have a bunch of CT scans to rule out spread anywhere else in my body. 

As you can see, the good news outweighs the bad. I don’t look forward to chemo, but I told the doctor I’m all in to be aggressive as we need to be to kick this to the curb. I’m praying that between the natural things I’m doing and traditional medicine, that we can beat this thing. 

I am sad because tomorrow, my best friend, Sue, will be heading back to Chicago. She has been such a blessing to our family and spending time with her has helped pass the time. True friends are a gift! 

Sue came bearing gifts from friends from Chicago. I have many things to keep me busy while I’m laid up and I have some great items that will help me through chemo.

We have also had the joy of spending time with our friends from Florida, the Edwards family. Our friendship began years ago back in California. We always enjoy our time with them and the kids always make a ton of memories together.

Pizza, swimming, s’mores, and friends

Serious game of Murder in the Dark going on!

Some of the kids went to the Ark today with the Edwards. They all had a blast.

We try to find ways to keep some of the heavy things light around here. So, we used Naomi’s phone to see how we all look bald. I got a preview of what I may potentially look like in a few weeks. My doctor isn’t certain if radiation or chemo will come first. We will discuss all of this at my appointment in October. These pictures show which kids favor Wayne. 

Naomi is on the screen…Wayne’s mini-me. Wayne is doing really well since his two seizures. It’s been kind of nice to slow down and relax with him.

We decided Joella bald with a beard looks like Blake at Resilience (IYKYK)

That’s my brief update for today. I’m just trying to keep everyone updated and it’s easier to write it once than a million texts. We love and appreciate all of you!!

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