Harder Family

Harder Family

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Update 11/9/23: It was the Night Before Treatments

Isaiah 55:8-9 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are you ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts thank your thoughts.” 

“God is too good to be unkind and He is too wise to be mistaken. And when we cannot trace His hand, we must trust His heart.” Charles Spurgeon

One of my children with tears in their eyes told me the other day, “I just don’t know why God is allowing all of this in our lives. It is so hard!” I could only just hold her in my arms and cry with her. All I could tell her is that God didn’t cause this, we live in a fallen world where disease exists. That wasn’t God’s design, but unfortunately, that is where we are now. I told her I don’t know why God has allowed this in our lives either, but I know that nothing took Him by surprise. I reminded her of all the ways God has moved and worked in our lives(Wayne living almost 9 years since his diagnosis, the way God has provided for us time after time, etc). I may not understand, but I trust the One who holds us in His hands!

I realized that I haven’t given a recent update. Life has been crazy the past week and the days tend to blend into each other. In the midst of all the crazy and hard, I have been trying to be intentional to make special time with the kids and friends while I am feeling well.

Wayne and I voted early since we were both feeling good. We didn’t want to fight crowds to vote.

Our friends, Mike and Diane, made a special stop at our house. We enjoyed dinner at Robyn’s and then played some fun games. We have enjoyed knowing them for years, back when Wayne and I were newlyweds.

My sweet friend Kristy met me for chai tea. It was nice to get out and feel a little more like normal.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I enjoyed a nice walk at the park with friends.

The girls competed in a costume competition at church. Naomi won as Shrek. I think the other girls did great with their costume ideas.

Wayne had his appointment to get his AFO for his drop foot. It has already been helping him walk a little better. 

Sophia has been begging me to go hiking for the last couple months. My sweet friend Carla stepped up and took her for me. Sophia got to experience something I would not have been able to do with her. They went rock climbing! 

Sophia called me from climbing so I could “participate”. This girl is such a sweet heart!

This week, since my stomach finally felt normal, I got back to some extra healthy eating. Squeezing as many fruits and veggies I can into my day. Juicing is my new favorite healthy habit!

Wayne and I have been taking walks together. Wayne had some medical funds to use through his insurance. We got him a new cane that was made for tall people! He is so much happier not having to bend over as much. He also got us a foot massager that will help me with neuropathy and him with his tired feet. 

I am so glad I shaved my head last week. The past few days I have lost over 50% of my hair. It was easier losing little pieces instead of my long hair. The plus side, it’s quick to get ready!

My brother-in-law, Travis, was so sweet and came over this weekend and set up our tree. The kids helped me decorate it on Tuesday. These lights make me so happy on these early dark evenings. 

The past few years I have taken a girls trip with some ladies at church. I was not able to travel with them this year, but they decided to “take me with them”. They kept me laughing with all their texts and pictures of me causing trouble. 

I went to the moon.

I visited the largest Buc-ces!

I didn’t spend any money, but enjoyed shopping.

These amazing friends made custom t-shirts that said “Support Squad #teamharder Their fight is our fight. They then had a two colored ribbon (grey for brain cancer and peach for endometrial cancer). They FaceTimed us from breakfast and showed us the shirts. It brought tears to my eyes to have such amazing friends!!

I started causing trouble by climbing on a train, climbing in a Christmas tree…so I got a time out in the car!

I behaved, so they got me a sample of fudge.

I found Bigfoot! 🤣

Me looking over Gatlinburg

I am so thankful for such amazing people God has put in our lives…from Illinois to our phenomenal church family. We feel so blessed! Moments like the above by friends helps us get through the hard days like this week. 

Wayne had another seizure yesterday and he fell in the shower today. Sometimes it feel hard to catch our breath, but God remains faithful through it all. Wayne made us safely to Chicago. Thank you Scott for driving him!

Tomorrow morning at 6:30, Wayne will have his MRI and doctor appointment. If his scan is stable, he will do another two rounds of chemo. Thankfully, he is able to take an oral chemo at home. If he’s approved for another round, he will start his chemo tomorrow night. 

I have my second round of chemo tomorrow morning. I meet with my oncologist at 8:30 and then I will begin my chemo infusion after that, which will last most of tomorrow. Since I know that our weekend will be a hot mess with both of us on chemo, I spent today making a couple meals for the kids. We finished schoolwork with the two youngest, since I knew I wouldn’t be up to helping them this weekend. I’m sure the kids will watch lots of tv and play video games, but whatever it takes to get them through this weekend, we will take it.

Prayer Requests:

- Wayne: please pray that his scan comes back stable and that he is approved for two more rounds of chemo. Please also pray for answers in addressing some of his physical issues.

- Rebecca: please pray that my chemo goes well and that I don’t have any side effects. Please pray with me that God protects my nerve cells from any more damage. Neuropathy is no joke! 

- Kids: please pray that they survive this weekend with both parents down with chemo. Please also pray for Grace as she serves at her last church for this semester and travels home Friday. 

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