Harder Family

Harder Family

Monday, February 16, 2015

Quick Update

I just wanted to post a quick update for people checking in on the blog. Wayne went in at 1pm today for his pre-op appointment. Pretty much they wanted to make sure his heart and lungs would be okay during surgery and anesthesiology. He passed with flying colors. We have to be at Northwestern Hospital tomorrow morning at 6am. He will have another MRI at 6:00 and then at 7:30, he will have his biopsy performed. Wayne keeps calling it "obtaining a core sample". We are glad to see that his sense of humor hasn't been dimmed in this situation. The biopsy is supposed to be an out patient procedure, so we should be home by tomorrow evening. I'm not quite sure how drilling a hole in someone's skull is "outpatient", but I guess modern medicine is amazing. After tomorrow, the waiting begins since we won't have another appointment until Monday to talk about the pathology results. I'll post another quick update tomorrow after we get home.

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been making this whole journey easier. First of all, your prayers are working and we have had amazing peace through all of this. We know that God is sovereign and good and that He is in control of everything. Second, thank you for all the help that has been provided (meals, babysitting our daughters, offers of cleaning and laundry...the list goes on). We are so thankful for each of you and so appreciate all of your assistance and prayers.

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