Harder Family

Harder Family

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Funny Sayings from our Trip

Today I have been busy unpacking from our month long trip away from home. Catching up on mail, grocery shopping, etc is so much fun!! I'm working on downloading our pictures so that I can start sharing our trip with you tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are some funny things that were said on our trip.

Grace: Grace has a cute shirt with some animals on it and it says, "I decided to be awesome today". We were at a park with our cousins and Karen (Wayne's sister) asked Grace, "So Grace, you decided to be awesome today?" Grace looked at her and confidently said, "No, my shirt decided to be awesome today...I'm awesome everyday!!" And walked off to play.

Joella: Joella was making weird noises in the car, which started to get annoying. Wayne asked her nicely to stop making noises and she said, "Okay Papa. I was just talking whale!" (do we have a Dory on our hands?) 

Sophia/Joella: While we were taking a ferry into Canada, Sophia said that she wished she had a fishing pole so she could catch a dolphin and then play with it. We told her that fishing for a dolphin would hurt it. We said that you can't catch a dolphin. Joella looked at her and said, "I know how to catch a dolphin, you say eeee-eeeee-eeee!" 

Grace: We went out to dinner at Cattlemen's (one of Wayne's favorite restaurants in CA). Grace was very concerned about how much Wayne was going to spend of everyone to eat. At the end of the meal she said, "I'll know a future boyfriend is really interested in me if he takes me to Cattlemen's." (Since it is so expensive...if he's willing to spend that kind of money, he must be super into her)

Joella: Wayne's credit card got stuck in a parking machine (it ate it...future story later). Joella was all upset. She cried and said, "Oh no, Papa's credit card is gone. That means that he doesn't have money to buy us food and we are going to all DIE!!!"

If you notice, there are two kids that get us to laugh a lot. I'm sure the other girls said cute things, but these are the ones that stuck out to us from our trip.

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