Harder Family

Harder Family

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Piano Man: Day 1 and Day 2

1 Chronicles 16:34 "Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever."

Piano Man continues to amaze us. He isn't afraid to try anything new, even with his special leg. There are times I want to step in, but I know that isn't what is best. He has been doing this 9 years and doesn't need to be babied. Here are some of the things we've learned so far about this amazing boy: 
1. He knows more English then we realized (and I think he understands more then he lets on at times)
2. He can read in English (I was reading him a book and he was reading along!!)
3. He isn't afraid to try anything new, he is super helpful and cooperative (he volunteered to vacuum after dinner...can he please rub off on my kids?)
4. he is very grateful (we bought him some things today at the store and he quickly said thank you when we were done paying)
5. he is already protective and watches over the girls (he counts them and worries when one of them isn't around)
6. He is brave and has done such a great job adjusting to life here in our home. He hasn't cried once and seems to love being here.
7. He's a great sleeper and loves to eat!!
8. He loves Wayne and was so excited to walk part of the way to the train to meet him after work.

I could go on, but we'll leave it at this for today. Here are some pictures.


Magna Tiles have been a huge hit with Piano Man. My girls love them as well, so this has worked out great.

After breakfast and some Magna Tiles, the kids went outside for a water fight. It was during this time I realized I didn't know if Piano Man's special leg can get wet. So, I told the kids to not get him wet, but he can get them wet. They all were giggling and having a blast.

Piano Man liked shooting water at all of our squirrels. He would yell at them in Mandarin.

Since we decided to lay low our first few days at home, we decided to spend an hour at the library. Piano Man and Sophia have really hit it off. She loved reading a book to him and playing puppets.

He loves his Spiderman!!

After the library, we stopped at Doughguys to pick up a special treat. I found the word for dessert in my phone and he got a huge smile (which you can find on his face quite frequently). He picked out a Monsters Inc. cupcake.

The girls were excited because they got a treat as well.

Steam buns for lunch with carrots and fruit was a huge hit.

After lunch, we spent most of the day outside...playing basket ball, jumping on a trampoline, riding a scooter (which he did great), and attempting to ride a bike. I told him the bike made me too nervous and he'd have to wait for Wayne.

It's fun seeing him experience life. It makes me want to be a kid again. There is just pure joy in his face with everything!!

Eating his cupcake for snack since he filled up on his huge lunch.

Super helpful Piano Man. He starts the day by making his bed, he picks up after himself, likes being orderly, and loves to help any way he can (like volunteering to vacuum)!!

Reading Panda Bear, Panda Bear to Wayne (he only needed a little help with a few words)


We went to the Farmer's Market today (our traditional Wednesday morning activity). We always follow up our trip with a visit to the park. This was a hit!

Piano Man talking to his chaperone from China this morning. It was great to hear him chatting away in Chinese.

He had fun helping pick out vegetables at the Farmer's Market. He told me that I should buy all the tomatoes on the table. Instead, he settled with 5 that he picked out.

Swinging on the monkey bars. He's not afraid to try anything!

Micaela being silly.

The girls have picked up on Piano Man's signature pose for a picture...with a peace sign.

After the farmer's market and playing at the park, we headed to the store to get a few things for Piano Man. He really loves his Spider Man because everything I bought for him (socks, underwear, shoes, etc) were Spider Man...I let him pick. I couldn't pass up the cute Spider Man hat and sunglasses. When we were done paying, he looked at me and said, "Thank you!!"

We bought a nerf gun today and he has had a blast shooting at his target...his blue balloon. The gun has been a HUGE hit. He was shooting bullets outside and having the girls chase them down for him.

Grace and Piano Man reading together. She read part of the book, and he read the rest. 

We went to church last night. I think it was a little overwhelming for him, so he ended up hanging out with me and played Candy Crush on my phone. 

Piano Man is doing great. He is learning how to shake people's hands when he meets them. Today we will go to the eye doctor and we still need to figure out something fun to do today. We will continue to stay close to home as much as possible to not overstimulate him. Keep praying that God uses this time in his life. We think he's a pretty special guy!

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