Harder Family

Harder Family

Friday, April 28, 2023

Heaven Rules: Treatment Options

 Psalm 29:10-11 "The Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord sits enthroned as king forever. May the Lord give strength to His people! May the Lord bless His people with peace!"

A few weeks ago leading up to Wayne's surgery, my friend Pam gave me the book "Heaven Rules" by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. God's timing is always perfect. I normally read a book rather quickly, but in this case, the book is so rich with truth that I have been slowly reading it and savoring it. Each time I pick up the book, it has the reminder that I need. Heaven Rules! Here are a few quotes from the book. 

He is ruler over every diagnosis and prognosis, over all incomes and outcomes, over the most daunting challenges as well as the most seemingly trivial details of our lives...Cancer is not King. No pandemic is King. Financial concerns and crises are not King. Injustices committed against us or against those we love are not King. Only God is King. (pg. 29)

God is good even when you don't feel like He is good. God loves you with a steadfast love even when you feel like He has abandoned you. God is with you in the storm. He will never leave you! Remember what God has done in the past. Rely on His character. Rehearse His promises. Refrain from taking matters into your own hands. Don't let fear drive you to places God doesn't want you to go! God uses events that turn our world upside down to drive us to cling to Him. As we face medical fears and economic fears, we can lean entirely on Christ as our fortress and our strength. Wherever  trouble is present, God is more present! (page 79)

 Wayne’s favorite saying the last few weeks is that God has this (or God’s got this). That is because Wayne knows that heaven rules and God’s will is what will prevail, whether it’s to heal him this side of heaven or on the other side. If you need any encouragement and perspective in what you are facing, I highly recommend reading this book. 

This morning we met with Wayne’s oncologist and talked about different options that are available for treatment. The doctor told us that the best treatment, in his experience, is for Wayne to repeat what he did eight years ago. Since Wayne’s tumor has the markers to be responsive to temador, the kind of chemo that breaks the blood brain barrier, it is a wise move to try that again. He also said that adding radiation is the best way to attack this aggressive tumor. We didn’t think that radiation would be an option, but since it has been eight years, we are going to meet with the radiologist and see what plan they can come up with to treat this tumor. 

The plan will be for Wayne to do four weeks of radiation and chemo together and then do six months of just chemo. We are waiting to hear from Cleveland Clinic and Mayo to make sure we aren’t missing any other options at this time to try. But from what we understood at today’s meeting, the combo of radiation and chemo has been found to be the most effective treatment and that is why they recommend it the first time someone is diagnosed. There are other options available, but the doctor said not everyone responds to them, so he’d rather hit the tumor hard with what is known to be effective and save other things in case it doesn’t work. He informed us that Wayne’s tumor is very aggressive, but he’s hoping that we can repeat the success we saw eight years ago.

We were blessed yesterday when Grace was able to stop by and visit for the day. Since her team is back in Michigan and she had a free day, she was given permission to visit. Wayne really enjoyed spending time with her. She was also able to spend some time with her friends, which made her day. 

Surprising her friends!

Tonight I was able to get dressed up and hang out with my friend Sue at the CRU dinner. It was nice to get away and hear the amazing things God is doing in Chicago.

We appreciate all of you and your prayers. We still have a long road ahead of us and there are many unknowns, as these treatments aren’t without side effects, both short and long term. Please pray that God makes it crystal clear what steps we need to take. I will continue to keep everyone updated as we go. 



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