Monday, October 12, 2015

Family Fun: ATV Fun & Apple Picking

Psalm 103:22 "Bless the Lord, all His works,
    in all places of His dominion.
Bless the Lord, O my soul!"

We spent Saturday outside cleaning up the yard. While we were cleaning, we came across a bunch of worms. Micaela picked them all up and the girls are took turns holding and studying them.

After we were done cleaning, the girls all took turns riding on their ATV. This is always a highlight for them when Wayne takes it out. They ride up and down our driveway and around our backyard.

Grace (aka "speed demon") on the three wheeler

Watching the sisters and waiting for their turn.

Sophia on the three wheeler

Grace...waiting for another turn

Naomi ready to ride

Joella is ready to ride!

Micaela acting goofy as she waits for her turn.

Joella can't ride by herself, so I have to drive her around the yard.

Micaela riding the three wheeler. She does such a great job. She leans into every turn. Note: we turn the throttle down all the way for her and Wayne watches her the entire time...that's for all my family members that worry.

Enjoying some time with Micaela.

Apple picking with the Oakley Family. We are waiting for our tractor ride to the orchard. This year we went to Radke Orchard in Michigan City. Normally we drive up into Michigan and go apple picking at Tree-Mendus. Because of Wayne's chemo schedule and work, we had to squeeze our family tradition of apple picking into a Sunday Afternoon.

This apple orchard had these handy poles for reaching apples high up in the trees.

Abigail and Pete were making faces at each other and saying something crazy at this moment. Pete...this picture is for you!

Abigail picking and filling up her bucket (FYI: A clean bucket. We haven't had cats in about 4 years. These buckets are great for fruit picking. We used it when we picked peaches).

Wayne and Naomi picking apples

Joella loved eating apples as we picked.

Waiting for our ride back to our car. Note for next year: give each of the kids a small bag to pick apples. By the time we were done, the girls had picked 64 pounds of apples!!!


Update on Wayne: He is back at work today and he is feeling really well. We have 2.5 weeks until the next/final round of chemo starts. I am praying that this round is the easiest on him. God has been so good and faithful to us!


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