Harder Family

Harder Family

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Keeping It Real

I thought that I would give a realistic view of a school day. Wayne pointed out to me that all the pictures and blog posts make it look like I have kids who are happy and smile all the time, and that our school days are perfect. Let me reassure you, that is not the case. My kids are loud, fight constantly with each other, lose all my school supplies (scissors, tape, etc), there are many hours of tears (including me), whining, complaining, messes galore, and the list goes on. We do our best around here, but sometimes I worry that my best isn't good enough. I suffer from doubt, insecurity, fear...you name it...in homeschooling my kids. If my kids fight in public, I worry what it will make me look like, especially since I have six kids. I am sure people are thinking, "Man, why did she have so many kids if she can't control them?" If they can't spell a word right, answer a question correctly, or read perfectly, I worry that it must be me since I am their teacher. I forget that there are many kids in school that struggle with learning or aren't the "perfect" student. To be honest, I would love to post pictures of our imperfections, but I don't like to take them. I think too many of us worry about being imperfect and worry about what everyone thinks about us. When I started thinking about that, I realized that am really self-absorbed. I worry too much about what others are thinking about me. I should only care what God thinks about me and live my life in service to Him. 

I just wanted to be real with all of you. I don't ever want to give the appearance of having my life all together and being perfect...because I am soooo far from that! Believe me, if my walls could talk, you would find just how imperfect I am. It's only by God's grace that my kids and I will turn out to be halfway decent. 

Here are some pictures from school yesterday. What the pictures don't show is how I falsely accused Grace of taking my string for crafts and the tears and yelling that ensued, the messed up crayon leaves, the mess on my kitchen table from doing crafts all morning, the kids fighting each other, crying and whining over what part of the mummy they got to paint, etc. Please don't allow my "perfect" pictures portray an unrealistic picture of our life. 

PE outside - playing swords

Our mummy

Painting/sealing our mummy

Cutting up crayons for our leaf project

Grace tracing her leaf

Sisters hugging (right after they were fighting for a spot on the seat)...showing off their leaves

Joella making her placemat

Joella's placemat

Micaela's leaf project

Micaela's placemat

Getting silly with their placemats (Sophia helped them place their leaves, so she wanted in the picture)

Our melted crayon leaves hanging in the window. *Note: our bread has still not molded and we started the experiment 9/22/15. We will never buy this bread again. 

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  1. I make my own bread and it molds in 6 days . . . every time. I kinda wish it would take a little longer, but I guess it is good?

    Thanks for being real. When we were heading to Disneyland we had to do 1 weeks worth of homework in 2 days. There were lots of tears and meltdowns (both mommy and daughter) It is good to know that even home school moms have days like that. You are a great mommy though and always bring the focus back to God.