Harder Family

Harder Family

Monday, May 1, 2023

Update: 5/1/23

 “The sovereignty of God is the one impregnable rock to which the suffering human heart must cling.” Margaret Clarkson

Psalm 147:5 “Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; His understanding is beyond measure.”

Thank you for praying for us yesterday. The day started out very rough, especially since we got home so late from the ER visit at the hospital. Wayne was so weak, he couldn’t dress himself or sit up in bed alone. It terrifies me to see him so weak. By the afternoon though, we started seeing the steroids start to help. Wayne was finally able to get out of bed on his own and use a walker to get to a recliner. 

I am so thankful for friends that visited with Wayne yesterday. It was great to hear him laughing and talking by that afternoon. That morning I could tell that he was very down about being so limited with his movements. Since the steroids seem to be helping, we do not need inpatient rehab at this time. We have a virtual appointment with his neuro oncologist’s office tomorrow morning to discuss all that has been going on since our appointment Friday. We should also be hearing from the radiologist’s office this week about meeting to discuss radiation. 

I have to keep reminding myself one step at a time and one day at a time, otherwise, I start to feel very overwhelmed! Today during Wayne’s therapy, I took the girls to Panera to do school work. We are taking all their final tests today. It will be nice to have school off my plate of things to finish with them. I’m so proud of them and how they have continued to persevere through all of this.

To everyone in KY helping my kids there and ensuring that everything is kept running, thank you!! A huge thank you to a couple special people who have stepped up in ways I could have never imagined. They are helping clean our airbnbs and mow the properties to keep them up for us. Thank you for taking that burden off my shoulders! There are just too many people to thank, so know that we appreciate all of you and your prayers and support!

Most of all, a HUGE thanks to the Kreider family. They have lovingly and graciously opened their home to us. We have already been here a month and it looks like we will be here another month. There aren’t too many people who you could live with for that long and still love each other! 😂 They have helped with Wayne, loved on my kids, provided meals, have been a shoulder to cry on, and have done more then I could ever imagine. God knew what He was doing when our friendship began years ago. They truly are our family!! 

I do find it funny that the girls decided yesterday to make a quiet room! They all wrote up the sign and the rules. When we walked in the room, they had name tags made up with a blanket for each person to do their “quiet” projects. Even after a month, the girls and their best friends have hardly fought, which is a miracle!

Once again, thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf and for storming heaven with us. God has this and He will get the glory no matter the outcome. We love and appreciate all of you!!

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