Harder Family

Harder Family

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Update: 5/30/23 Treatment Progress

 James 1:12 “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love Him.”

No human wants to endure trials, and yet it is a part of life. How we handle those trials is what distinguishes us. There are so many examples in the Bible of individuals who faced terrible circumstances and yet didn’t lose faith. I think of Joseph and his many trials (betrayed and sold by his brothers, lied about by Potipher’s wife, jailed in-justly, forgotten about in prison). He was faithful in each place and season he lived and God used him to be an instrumental piece in saving Israel from the famine. Story after story as you study the Bible, you see this. God is faithful and never leaves, even when it seems dark, lonely, and bleak. This is how Wayne and I want to be found…faithful to the end for God. We want others to see how God works through our trial and dark days for His glory!

Today was Wayne’s 5th radiation treatment and we are 7/21 days of chemo done, which means that he is 1/3 of the way done with treatment!! We met with Wayne’s radiology doctor today. Wayne will continue taking 4mg of dexamethasone for the next week during treatment to help with swelling. Next week, the doctors hope to begin to taper his steroids, as long as he doesn’t have any side effects. They do not want Wayne on the steroids for too long because they have negative side effects too. It’s a balancing act when you use steroids. Wayne was thankful for a 3 day break from radiation. It gave his brain some time to heal from the swelling. He’s still struggling with balance and right sided weakness. It’s hard to see your once strong husband struggling just to do normal activities (dressing, walking, getting into the car). But he continues to push hard and try his best.

We spend many hours in the car commuting to Chicago for treatment.

On Saturday, Wayne and I drove out to Minooka to see our friends. We had a great time with them and visited a restaurant that served huge servings. My salad was in a bowl the size I’d make my family! The one meal became 3!

On Sunday, Wayne and I sat in the balcony at church to avoid the crowds. Wayne is trying to be cautious around people and germs, since his immune system will continue to diminish the next few weeks. 

On Memorial Day, the kids walked in a local race and enjoyed a parade afterwards. Because Wayne is avoiding crowds, we skipped those festivities. My friend Angela stopped by and visited with me while Wayne took a nap.

 Later in the day, Wayne and I took a walk around Lake Katherine. We made the most of the beautiful day and made a date out of it.  

Yesterday evening, Sue and I took a long walk with Micaela and Audrey through the Dan Ryan Forest preserve. It was a great way to end a holiday remembering all those who have died for our freedom. 

Wayne continues to work hard each day on his rehab. He says he has an uphill battle since this time around has been a lot harder to rehab and he hasn’t seen much improvement. We are specifically working on his hip flexor muscles (the ones you use to get into the car since this is such a struggle).

On our daily rehab walk. I’m so thankful for this special time together each day. I never take for granted the times he can hold my hand as we walk.

Wayne enduring his budwig mixture. He is so brave. I can barely stand making it and he continues to try everything I give him that’s alternative to see if it helps him.

Meanwhile, the kids are making memories, both in Chicago and KY. The three oldest girls went with their aunt and cousin today to see the new Little Mermaid movie. Shan is picking up hours at Arby's and it looks like Abigail may be joining him there. She had a job lined up, and it fell through. So, a job is a job and she needs money for her senior year at Liberty.

Our other kids are making the most of their time in Chicago with their friends. They have spent many hours on the trampoline, reading in the hammock, playing at the park, and so much more. Today, we visited the local ice cream shop and tried their 1937 special. There were 37 golf ball size ice cream scoops. We split it between all 8 of us. It didn’t work out the best, but it was only $20 for all of us to have ice cream. We have a strategy to try next time is we try it again. 

As we enter another week of treatment, please pray for Wayne as his body is dealing with so much. The radiation wears him out and then at night he takes his chemo. So far, we have not seen too many side effects, but we know it tends to peak at the end of week two as it all builds up. Pray for stamina and his positive outlook to continue. Pray also for his thrush to heal since he is still battling that on top of everything else (another reason to get off steroids). 

Please also pray for our kids as they juggle many emotions and are processing a lot. The kids in KY are also trying to balance work and the home on top of it all. Once again, we thank each one of you for your prayers!

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