Harder Family

Harder Family

Monday, May 15, 2023

Update 5/15/23: Radiologist Appointment

Psalm 37:23-24 "The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him; though he may stumble, He will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His hand."

I figured I needed to give another update. The girls and I arrived safely back in Kentucky on Saturday night. It was a long day, but it was nice to have Grace along to drive halfway. For Mother's Day, we had a wonderful time at church followed by to-go food from Chuys. I was really glad that I was able to be home with the kids on Mother's Day. It was special to have time with them enjoying food and watching a new show called “Victoria”. Wayne was able to enjoy the day with the Kreiders in Chicago. 

Micaela wants to be taller than me (not a hard accomplishment), but she’s not quite there yet unless she stands on her tip toes. 

A bonus occurred on Sunday when I was finally able to meet a Facebook friend in person. A few years ago, I met Christy through the Classical Conversations page. I saw that her sister had just been diagnosed with brain cancer, so I reached out to her. A friendship was started from that point, but it was only this Sunday that I was finally able to meet my friend from Texas as she traveled through Kentucky. 

Life continues to move forward at a rapid speed. Today, I had three appointments. I had a follow up appointment for an ear infection and swollen lymph nodes, as well as a follow up ultrasound on my thyroid. Thankfully, everything is looking better. I think I have developed bad allergies in Kentucky, because it even affects my voice when I'm back in town, but everything is fine in Chicago. If things don't look better with allergy medicine, I'll follow up with an ENT, just to make sure we aren't missing anything.

Later in the day, Shan had an appointment to receive his new prosthetic leg. God's timing is so perfect! Shan has been experiencing severe pain with his old leg because he had outgrown it. He even developed some type of issue on his stump that we are having to watch closely for infection. It just never ends!

Old leg…he broke the button to remove his leg, so he carried around an Allen wrench. 

New leg

After the appointment, I took Naomi and Shan to Loco Ice to celebrate Naomi's belated birthday. I never miss a chance to have my Hawaiian treat in Kentucky.

Another highlight from today is that Sophia received an email which notified her that she had received a $400 scholarship toward her Hawk Mountain Field Medic Course that she is attending later this summer. She continues to surprise me at every corner. I am so excited to watch her promote to an officer (2nd Lieutenant) this Thursday. It will be an exciting promotion since not only is she promoting, but Shan is becoming a Chief and Micaela is becoming an Airman. Can you spot my two cadets below from CAP last week?

Some previews of what Sophia will be doing at Hawk.

Wayne visited the radiologist today where they made a mask and created a plan for his radiation treatments. Wayne will start his radiation treatments on Tuesday, May 23rd. Lord willing, he will be done around June 13th. We contacted his doctors to make sure that we receive his chemo in time since the treatment requires Wayne to take chemo alongside the chemo for the three weeks. (I don’t have any pictures since Wayne’s paparazzi/photographer was in KY). 

Please pray for us as we will be driving back to Chicago on Monday. Pray that Wayne handles the treatments well and that he doesn't experience too many side effects, especially swelling. Wayne is taking natural supplements alongside the traditional approach, just like we did last time. We are working on adding something new this time as well, which is a huge learning curve for me. It's amazing what is available in nature to help with treatments. Please pray for me as I juggle all the medicine, treatments, and natural research on things to help Wayne. The biggest prayer request though is that I continue to leave all of this in Jesus' hands, since ultimately, that whose hands Wayne's life truly rests. 

We love and appreciate all of you. I came home and was overwhelmed with the love of others and the meals that people have brought our kids. Thank you to each of you. And for all of you in Chicago who have done the same, thank you!! Thank you for the prayers and encouragement. We need it all!

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